Recent Research Findings

AI adoption in the workplace

Ever wonder how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the workplace, and how employees feel about it? We have just published a study in Communication Research that dives into this very question!

We found that factors like how well AI fits with existing work (compatibility), how beneficial it is (relative advantages), and how observable it is made people more positive about it.

Interestingly, different groups of employees reacted differently. For example, those who were already positive about AI were influenced more by the opportunity to try it out, while those who were negative were more affected by how noticeable AI's effects were and by perceived threats to job security.

For businesses, this means that understanding employees' attitudes and concerns about AI can make a big difference in how smoothly it's adopted.

Xu, S., Kee, K. F., Li, W., Yamamoto, M., & Riggs, R. E. (2023). Examining the Diffusion of Innovations from a Dynamic, Differential-Effects Perspective: A Longitudinal Study on AI Adoption Among Employees. Communication Research.