PRSC 3311 PR Strategies is designed to help students develop an understanding of the strategic management of public relations by analyzing the PR process as it relates to PR theory and practice.

We will learn fundamental components of a public relations strategic plan, including situation analysis (SWOT), objectives, and selection of strategies and tactics.

MCOM 5364 Research Methods introduces graduate students to the foundational concepts, techniques, and methodologies of communication research. Students will also be introduced to research design, conceptualization, and measurements, and provided hands-on experience to conduct a research project.
This course is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of theories and practice related to health communication. Theories and their applications to solutions to or challenges of health problems, both mental well-being and physical health, will be discussed.

This course also emphasizes the effects of new media, e.g., social media, AI, mobile technologies, on well-being and health.

This course explores the evolving dynamics between humans and artificial intelligence (AI), examining theoretical frameworks, design principles, and the societal impact of AI systems. Through interdisciplinary studies, we will critically analyze how AI influences human cognition, emotion, behavior, decision-making, and ethics in various contexts.

This is a new course to be offered in Fall 2024

Public Relations Strategies

Research Methods

Health Communication

Theories of Human-AI Interaction